Come OperiamoThe "A Voice for Padre Pio" NPO Association intends to pursue their own ends through:

  • Support services;
  • Charities;
  • Education;
  • Training and protection of civil rights;
  • Realization of social health works in countries in need;
  • Campaigns to raise public awareness;
  • Cooperation in collaborative projects and propose and finance their own;
  • Offer vocational training projects in favor of disadvantaged and volunteers;
  • Encourage forms of social tourism;
  • Provide economic support through forms of adoption and distance support;
  • Study and Implement cooperation projects in the areas of health, agriculture, social services in support of partnerships with local authorities;
  • Send scientific-technical qualified personnel for specific projects in developing countries;
  • Create and promote "Homes" for children in need;
  • Awareness campaigns for the prevention of AIDS in the Third World;
  • Training personnel, youth of the countries in the developing world, through internships in Italy;
  • Spreading the message of Padre Pio.



  • Legal and Operative Bruno Buozzi 40, 80147 Napoli - C.F. 09955321006 – Tel. 081-19518537
  • Operative Office: Via Cipro, 12 – 00136 Rome – Tél/Fax 06 64520615
  • Operative Office: Vittorio Emanuele n.24 - 71038 Pietramontecorvino (FG)
  • Foreign Office: BP 21 Bonoua Côte d’Ivoire – Tél 00225 21310190 - Fax 00225-21310233

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