Padre Pio High School - Yaou [Bonoua - Ivory Coast]


Progetto Liceo Padre Pio – Bonoua Costa D’AvorioOur non-profit organization works closely with local authorities and collects the needs of the area. It also benefits from the support and esteem of the local people who, for various reasons, noted the difficulties and proposes solutions.

Having incorporated input from more sides for the construction of a Catholic high school, we decided to accept the invitation and implement it in the near future. Hence the idea for the project "PADRE PIO High School".

The fundraising campaign for the realization of this project started in the month of December 2013, more precisely with the campaign "Christmas Smiles 2013", organized in collaboration with Rai Social Secretariat and Italian Operators of Fixed and Mobile Telephony. Unfortunately at present we are still very far from achieving the goal and with the funds raised we have acquired the land, started work for the realization of the Games Area and instructed the architect to draw up the final design.


40% of Ivorians, over 8 million of people, live below the poverty line. Insecurity, difficulties for literacy, unemployment and other wounds left by the recent civil wars are still open and complete the picture of the current Country. Though the conflicts have ended, however persist much violence and insecurity. Also living conditions are still inhumane: 40% of the population is unable to meet their food needs and 17% of children are malnourished. 50% of children can not go to school, and more than half of young people between 15 and 24 years old can neither read and write. Finally, about 11 million of people live crammed in absolute poverty in the slums of the big cities. The main objectives for the reconstruction of the country is reconciliation and peaceful coexistence, and therefore are fundamental values such as the formation of young people, who are the future of Ivory Coast. Equally important is to obtain a total integration and socially rooted of different ethnic groups, as well as help the victims most affected, such as families.


Padre Pio High School Yaou - Ivory Coast € 1,800,000.00


Progetto Liceo Padre Pio – Bonoua Costa D’AvorioIn the Yaou area, well populated village that borders with Bonoua, among the many things that are missing, there is a total absence of high schools. The boys have to travel to get to school a few kilometers on treacherous roads, to travel to the nearby town of Bonoua. Needless to say, this path, done several times in a day and under the bad weather, it is not at all sure ... the road is very busy and there are no alternative way but to walk along the side of the highway.

The level of high schools present in Bonoua, although state, leaves something to be desired, including the absence of solid programs, strikes of teachers and poorly functioning public school system, the results are far from excellent.

For these reasons it was decided to implement the project of construction of a "Catholic" high school with refectory and dormitory outbuildings, a kind of boarding school of great level.

For its implementation, we got the partnership of the City of Bonoua and Under Prefecture Bonoua (see attached letter).

Structure Project

  • Total extension sqm. 13,200
  • 24 Classrooms
  • Administration
  • Infirmary
  • Workshops
  • 20 Dormitories rooms
  • 2 kitchens
  • 2 refectories
  • Relaxation areas

Project Partners

  • Prefecture Bonoua - Ivory Coast
  • General Grand Bassam Secretariat Prefecture - Ivory Coast
  • City of Bonoua - Ivory Coast
  • Don Orione Bonoua Professional Technical Center - Ivory Coast


VIDEO - Padre Pio High School project [Bonoua]


Documents in PDF

3D Lycee Model  Lycee Yaou Model 1  Lycee Yaou Model 2  Lycee Yaou Model  Perspective 2 - 07.06.2014

Perspective - 07.06.2014  Perspective Garderie  Plans 3D Model 07.06.2014  Yaou Model  Yaou Model 2

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