Active Social Work

Padre Pio House

Abandoned children or those living in problematic families, without anyone taking care of them, remain at the mercy of poverty, desperation, without any point of reference, with little or no possibility of redemption. With our structure we try to give them a "Future at Home"

Les Anges de Padre Pio

A drop in the sea, a concrete support to change the lives of the children we host, to be able to continue growing with confidence "In spite of everything"

Les Anges de Padre Pio II

Unfortunately the prejudice against the different and discrimination affects the most vulnerable, can destroy their identity and even life itself, a bitterly growing bitter reality that affects children who have some special characteristics or disabilities that can announce a "Terrifying future"

Education and Training

"Combating poverty through development" "Combating poverty through development is possible because" there is a close relationship between the well-being of the individual and the development of the community ". A saying states that: give a fish to a poor man and feed him one day, teach him to fish and feed him for life.

Humanitarian Corridor

A protection network for minors who need medical care, a reception service that lasts as long as necessary "Resolution of their pathologies"