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Humanitarian Corridor for medical treatment and surgery

Donation Goal10,000€

A protection network for minors who need medical care, a reception service that lasts as long as it takes to "resolve their pathologies".

Word of mouth is like the sound of a TAM – TAM, it proceeds quickly from village to village, the voice of Our Presence, of Our Work, of Our Solidarity has made the rounds of the Ivory Coast. Parents travel long distances to come to us for help. The organization, for these parents, is like an oasis in the desert, a mirage, the last journey, that of hope, they entrust their children who arrive sick, undernourished, often in serious condition, suffer from diseases such as: Leukemia , Cardiac malformations, deafness, lymphomas that are impossible to cure in Africa, but in the rest of the world are everyday life. We have created a network of doctors, surgeons and lay people who voluntarily provide LOVE and time, they take care of everything that the little ones need, assist them in the hospital, accompany them to rehabilitation therapy, welcome them and treat them in their homes . Hospitals and people in Italy, France and Germany have opened the doors of their hearts to give back to these children Life, Smiles and Hope.

YOHAN, PROSPER, DANIEL, CHRIST, ELISABETH, MAXWELL are just a few children whose lives have been transformed forever thanks to these humanitarian efforts and a network of people dedicated to making a difference.