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Les Anges de Padre Pio

Donation Goal10,000€

Inaugurated in 2016

Reception capacity: 70

The orphanage is a residential shelter, that at the moment welcomes thirty babies: Orphans, abandoned children who come from families in temporary situations of serious socio-economic hardship, orphans of childbirth or of both parents. The “Angels” find LOVE, proper nutrition, a pediatric health service that is of prime importance in the first months of life and qualified professional personnel appropriate to the characteristics and needs of children.

The approach to our children is characterized by the individual educational project, developed in synergy with the social worker and the pediatrician, and which specifies the phases of intervention, the objectives to be achieved, the contents and the ways to implement it.

Upon arrival, the infants present severe forms of malnutrition which compromise their physical and mental development. The orphanage has huge running costs because expensive medical care is involved. Food products are imported from Italy for more adequate nutrition with added vitamins to address malnutrition and growth factors. The relationship between personnel and the newborn is one to two. The orphanage is able to accommodate seventy babies and minors.