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Padre Pio House

Donation Goal10,000€

Inaugurated in 2012

Reception capacity: 28

The Casa Famiglia is a residential shelter for twenty-eight children from all regions of the Ivory Coast. The children we welcome are minors cared for by the Department of Social Services. The Association in collaboration with Social Services develops individual projects, centered on the welfare of children under our protection. Most of the children are removed from their family of origin due to serious circumstances such as neglect, parental incapacity, abuse, episodes of violence, drug addiction, alcoholism and deaths in childbirth. The children welcomed in the Casa Famiglia live in a family atmosphere, are pampered, cared for, protected, and guided. We work to equip them with the necessary tools to become educated and self-sufficient adults. We believe this is the key to developing changes in the community. What differentiates us from other Ivorian NGOs, and, of particular importance for the local government, is the activation of individual programs that facilitate the process of the psychological and social recovery of every child.

The Association supports the costs for academic education, medical health care, psychological support, food and lodging, clothing, support for school rehabilitation, sports and games.