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Padre Pio Paradise

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In The Ivory Coast there is a serious lack of facilities that are able to accommodate people infected with HIV / AIDS, which is the cause of many deaths of which many are children and young people. This Center, for Ivorians, will have the function, to diagnose, identify and treat, with respect to privacy, anyone affected by this disease. To complete this infectious disease prevention program, funds are essential for the purchase of mobile medical units, campers, needed to travel to remote areas of the territory and identify those who need treatment, but can not reach the clinic. It is only through prevention and treatment that one can cope with the increasing spread of HIV. Finally, a multifunctional clinical / surgical structure is necessary to favor the international medical teams composed of doctors and surgeons, who will voluntarily come to the Ivory Coast offering their skills, and, if necessary, to intervene surgically. It often happens that surgery or specialized care is needed to improve or save a child’s life, but the lack of adequate facilities on site does not allow it. The protocol signed between our Organization, the Ivorian Government and the direction of the National Program for the fight against HIV, will guarantee, at the completion of the facility, the medical and paramedical staff, including the HIV, Hepatitis and Malaria test kits without cost. Mr. Mario Romano, who believes a lot in this project, contributes to this funding.