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Social Breeding

Donation Goal10,000€

The aim of our group is the creation of a breeding farm, where we would strive to maintain, raise and reproduce animals such as cows, quails, pigs, chickens and rabbits for meat, milk and cheese.

A Social Project with the intent of:

– Producing high quality meat to supply our social structures;

– Contribute to the financial autonomy of our social works;

– Commercialize controlled meat at communal prices;

– Offer work to single mothers and people in serious economic difficulties;


It is known that the use of contaminated and uncontrolled meat is a means of contracting contagious diseases. The objective of this project is to provide the local population with an intact and controlled food product that complies with international regulations of hygiene.  The choice of personnel to be assigned to this facility will be entrusted to an ethics committee, which will select the workers by giving priority to:

– unwed mothers without income;

– Family Heads of multiproblematic family groups.


This project has a multi-purpose function which is to face different issues such as social, health, food and economic factors that often lead to the non-care, abandonment or death of many children.