How We Operate

We like to think that we are providing the individual with the skills and potential that will lead her/him to economic independence and social success.

The association is held together by a great strength; that is, the will to believe that the development of an area is built starting from knowing it through and through, understanding its deep needs and transforming them into problems that in turn become social development projects. We are convinced that the involvement and active participation of the local population are necessary for understanding these needs, so that we might intervene with feasible measures making use of the collaboration of anyone who shares our development model.

There is a close relationship between the well-being of the individual and the development of the community.

The organization in these years it has been able to make its way among the OSC operating in the Ivory Coast, Togo, Burkina Faso and Madagascar, relying only on funds collected independently, without government contributions or other.

Since 2008 the Association has financed works in support of minors, disabled people and abused women for over 5,000,000.00 euros.

How well bestowed, how many smiles have blossomed, how many lives have been reborn, how much hope has been sown.

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The "Una Voce per Padre Pio" Association

pursues its goals through:

Support Services



Promotes the protection of civil rights

Finances micro credits for the disadvantaged, women who have been raped, people

Carries out social-health works in the developing countries

Organizes public awareness campaigns

Finances vocational training courses for disadvantaged young people who want to change for the better

It favours Social Tourism and volunteering

Provides economic support through forms of long distance adoption

It carries out cooperation projects in the health, social, educational and agricultural fields, in collaboration with some Italian Ministries and the Ivory Coast

It financed the construction of three reception facilities for minors

Funds awareness campaigns for the prevention and treatment of AIDS in the developing countries

It Spreads the word of Padre Pio

It has the direct management of two residential shelters for minors from zero to sixteen and a residential home for the disabled