Long Distance Adoption


Millions of children live without food, clean water, medical care and education, Your donation can be decisive in saving a life.

Thanks to you we can arrive on time, adopt a child in difficulty from a distance means offering him the opportunity to grow and become an independent and capable adult. Distance support guarantees children, medical care, food, education and recreational activities to grow up and be able to grow in their communities while respecting their culture.

Your donation can make a difference, start your distance adoption today.

To adopt a child from a distance, it takes less than 1 dollar a day.

Adopt a child at a distance and with 30 dollars a month you will change his future.

With a donation of 30€ you can ensure 5 main meals for a child, helping him to grow thanks to a healthy diet

With a donation of 75€ you can guarantee everything needed for the care of newborns: powdered milk, medicines, pediatrician, diapers

With a donation of 100€ you can support a disabled child with: meals, medicines, physiotherapy, medical examinations, diapers

You can send letters, photos and messages to your child via our website

By appointment, with our local staff, you can call your child on Skype

thanks to your support, you will receive updates on your child every 4 months and the activities carried out in the community, on the school, family and health performance

You can visit your child froma distance to see for yourself the effects of your help

Through the social report you can check how the association managed the funds raised and the amount of money aimed directly at children