Mission, Goals, Values

A Voice For Padre Pio is an international, humanitarian organization: secular, non-political, multi-confessional, and a not for profit group. Inspired by the earthly mission of Padre Pio:

"The Relief Of Human Suffering" in body and in spirit,

our work abides no distinction of sex, race, religion or politics.

A large family in constant expansion that involves many people driven by the same spirit of charity and love at the service of our neighbor.

The poor are not only those who do not have economic resources, but also those who need attention, care, a word of comfort, and to be heard, to be understood and not be judged; it is the sick that are left alone, and the elderly who have no one to care for them.


This organization is born of the will of its founders to create a project based on concrete support for the development of the human being who lives in extreme economic and social poverty. The individual is the beating heart, the soul, at the center of our Organization.

Recently, Pope Francis himself has asked lay humanitarian organizations to be "an Active Response for the Development of the Human Being".


"To combat social inequality through concrete actions aimed at improving the social status of the individual, without any distinction of race, sex, political or religious affiliation".


Helping people towards development does not mean

"violating their identity, transforming their traditions or ways of living".

Our way of intervening in Third World countries does not consist in "upsetting" the habits of the population, but in educating people about progress; respecting their traditions, their customs and their differences. Helping a people to develop means being ready to put the basic principles of cooperation back into play, adapting them to the place, to the social works that are being created; changing the objectives according to the concrete needs of the land in which it operates.

Support for personal development, offering Education and Vocational Training in order to improve educational skills

Access to basic services, offering medical treatment to people in serious economic difficulties

Creating jobs

Giving autonomy to single young mothers giving them opportunities to produce income

Creating economic development

Promoting active participation and social inclusion

Contribute to civic and moral education

Taking charge of children suffering from serious illnesses


Progress happens through development and development eliminates the barriers of poverty and social inequality.

Literacy is the key to achieving social and economic development of a people. The process of education and professional training allows the individual to have his own tools necessary to face life in a constructive way.


Optimize the use of resources oriented towards social results and the common good that improves the starting point, generating value for the community.

Social Promotion

To carry out socially useful activities, paying particular attention to respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual.

Support for Social Development

Experimenting with innovative solutions for the creation of products and services with results that meet the needs of people.

To Pursue Social Justice

Fight poverty, vulnerability, protect childhood, promote gender equality.


Promote the formation of the person, his/her autonomy and freedom, in order to ensure integration into society with actions that guarantee and safeguard his/her development.


Decision-making autonomy without any imposed ideological, moral or religious condition.


Constance in intentions and actions, motivates the achievement of goals, continuing despite adversity and hostility.

Respect for the Dignity of All People

Equality: we are all the same despite being all different, and despite our having, all of us, the right to our diversity and our identity.

At The Service of Humanity

Drawing a line between the errors and horrors of the past and a future in which we would like these errors and horrors not to be repeated.

Care and Commitment

Carry out the work accurately and independently, taking responsibility for our duties.