A Note from Our President

Dearest friends,
if you’ve come this far it’s because you have wanted to trust us. You have believed in us and are ready to share this experience of love and charity. Welcome to this great secular family at the service of the poor, the least among us and the marginalized. Become a part of this project, invest in its charisma and sink your roots into the ground of charity. For us you are not simply a supporter but, rather, you are the engine, the beating heart of that attention that allows us to continue the mission of relief of human suffering that was so dear to Padre Pio.

A Voice for Padre Pio wants to be a beacon of hope in the dim, gloomy world of poverty. As Padre Pio would say: “in the sick person there lives Jesus and in the poor and sick person, Jesus is present twofold”. It is there, among the poor and especially among the poor and sick, that we wish our voice, your voice, to be heard.
In working for the good of others, and putting into practice a conscientious human charity, there are no barriers, there are no distinctions; we are all on the same level playing field.. We do not judge another human being for his color, his beliefs, his political affiliations. In reality our “Social Charisma” absolutely forbids us to judge in any way, but, rather, leads us to try to understand and accompany another human being through the difficulties of life.
Quite often I have been asked: what license do you have to use the name of Padre Pio; who authorizes you? My answer is very simple: we are authorized by love in doing what we do, in the name of Padre Pio. He himself said, when still alive: “Everyone is allowed to say Padre Pio is mine”. We love his charisma, we love his mission, we love his teachings and from this love we are born as children (unworthy) of a great saint.
We have placed at the center of our work therefore, the relief of human suffering,— that same mission that has characterized the earthly life of Padre Pio.
Dear friends, welcome to this great family. I hope that our journey together will be a long and fruitful one. I embrace you all fraternally, one by one; and that Padre Pio may always lead us by the hand.

Enzo Palumbo