Our History

A Voice for Padre Pio

is a humanitarian organization founded and managed by lay people, dedicated to serving those living in social and economic marginalization and passionately committed to the earthly mission of Padre Pio which is “to relieve the suffering of people in both body and spirit".


Year of Constitution of the Organization

in Italy and recognized and supported by the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Agency that governs the No Profit Organizations.

2008 - 2012

The Association created

a reception centre in partnership with the Congregation of Don Orione and vigorously took part in the recovery of children with disabilities, the training of young students and workers, in the support of violated women, and in improving hygienic, housing and working conditions for the many family groups.


The first Family Home

"Maison Padre Pio" opened its doors for abandoned minors in Bonoua in the Ivory Coast.


First Orphanage and Hospitality Village

fully supported by the Ivorian Government, the organization opens the first directly managed Orphanage, "Les Anges de Padre Pio", and the first Hospitality Reception Centre for children with special needs, "Les Anges de Padre Pio II.


Opens in Lome in Togo

a local operating entity opens in Lome in Togo, to launch and manage the humanitarian works that will be carried out in the area.


Ten years after the Organization was founded, many goals have been achieved:

Ivory Coast, under direct management of our organization, three reception facilities have been built for abandoned minors, orphans and the disabled

Togo, we support economically an orphanage that houses 30 Minors, but we want to do much more

Italy, we finance projects of personal support which involve minors, students, families and needy elderly people.


In 2018

aware of the relevance of our organization, the Canadian government, (after having passed its strict requirements), grants us the recognition and approval to operate as a No-Profit Agency in Canada. We open our first independent office in the building "Casa d’Italia”in Montreal.

It is thanks to the support of all you "Unique" people that we have accomplished so much;

your donations sustain our work in helping many deal with poverty and social exclusion. Our unstoppable desire to help those in need continues only because we have your support.