What do we do

The Association "Una Voce per Padre Pio", which is freely constituted, aims exclusively in carrying out activities of social solidarity for non-profit and in the pursuit of the common good. The Association carries out activities of public service in favour of those that are disadvantaged, mainly women and minors, due to physical, mental, economic, social or family conditions; the handicapped, the elderly and those in need.



Target Italy, is the program that the organization has developed and operates on the Campania territory offering a range of diversified interventions. Our social activities are aimed at disadvantaged "subjects".

The main objective for action is divided into several areas of intervention:

We support families without income, and who, due to a serious illness of a family member, are forced to travel to other regions for the duration of the health treatments. Meetings between volunteers and family units, allow us to monitor the development in the aid process.

We also provide Reception services, and assistance for accompanied and unaccompanied minors from non-EU countries, who suffer from various pathologies and need specialized visits and / or surgeries necessary to improve their living condition (leukemia, cardiac malformations, acoustic cochlear implant , etc.)

The “ Brother study, Sister school” project aims at eradicating school dropouts. Six educators and a speech therapist (who deals with minors with DSA) offer a two-hour daily service for five days a week for the duration of the school year. This activity is focused on the recovery of basic skills for the 30 participating minors.

We provide Academic support for students who are motivated to undertake a university course but belong to families with economic difficulties. For those students who receive financial aid, support meetings and study motivation are planned throughout the course of university study.

Companionship for the elderly. We accompany the elderly through everyday life, acting as a liaison with the community and, above all, with the social-health services; thus eliminating the loneliness and need felt by the elderly.



So many were the fragments of life that we have heard in these years, we have thus had the good fortune to know without falling into pietism.

We are involved because we believe in a better world.

Through our work in Africa we have brought to fruition an unfulfilled dream of Padre Pio: To work as a Missionary in Third World Countries. We have brought his voice and his gifts to the poor, among the poor. How many tears have been dried how many smiles torn from poverty, how many lives snatched from death.

Africa, is a continent in full motion and in constant transformation that increasingly impoverishes the weak, and the marginalized. Over the years, the phenomenon of migration from villages to cities has become increasingly widespread in the hope of improving one’s living conditions. In pursuing this dream, many children are abandoned by families who are unable to satisfy their needs, and often end up victims of abuse, trafficking, or dying and it is on them that we have concentrated and channeled our energies.

We decided to build home centers that are places of growth and development for children. We have gone beyond the concept of mere charity by focusing on giving dignity and self-esteem to the last.

We carry out our projects directly; we use local collaborators in our own facilities; we identify the priority needs in which to intervene.

In this last year we have been committing ourselves to the self-sustainability of our facilities, with the launch of projects that will create jobs for the premises and bring economic revenues to be allocated to our shelters.

Our Active Social Projects:

Maison Padre Pio

Family home that hosts 28 children

Les Anges de Padre Pio

Orphanage hosting 30 children (max. 70 minors)

Les Anges de Padre Pio II

Home that houses 60 disabled

Le Paradis de Padre Pio

Medical Center for HIV treatment and prevention

Humanitarian Hallway

Vocational Training

annually 100 qualified young people find a position in the work world